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At De Lijn, we recently made the choice to upgrade to IBM POWER9. Seen the increasing needs and demands from the business, we had to reflect on how to optimize the performance of critical applications and workloads in the future. It is, for instance, crucial for us to have a maximum continuity and performance of our customers subscriptions website. 

Furthermore, the fact that we have separate locations for our production and backup infrastructure, protecting us for site-outage is crucial; This foundational infrastructure project that we have built together with Econocom experts, is an important step in supporting our overall digital transformation

Sven Van Thielen, Infrastructure Expert Webspere/AS400 - De Lijn

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Your organization is embracing more and more business critical workloads with real-time mass data, enabling AI, big data and analytics?

Why switch to IBM POWER9?

De Lijn switched to IBM POWER9!

We have many years of expertise in consolidating and sizing your infrastructure, making the business case with you, taking into account the impact of new workloads now and in the future.  

We guarantee the migration to IBM Power9 platform with an absolute minimum of downtime. Econocom is the only partner experienced in the combination of POWERi, POWERp and POWERLinux with many successful migrations: De Lijn, Grandeco, Speos, ZOL. Mid May we received the Server Solutions Award 2018 during the IBM Night of the Stars. 

Did you know that Econocom has just been ranked number 1 in overall customer satisfaction for IT outsourcing services by Whitelane Research? 


Econocom assesses, designs, builds, runs and maintains your POWERi, POWERp and POWERLinux platform.

Are you looking for a more performant and agile infrastructure? 


Your future application requirements, especially around Big Data and Analytics.

The requirements of your strategie for on- and off-premises cloud infrastructure.

Opportunities to improve service levels and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Make sure:

You do not unnecessarily overspend on power, cooling and space.

You have the necessary speed to run many digital images.

You do not unnecessarily overspend on power, cooling and space.

You do not unnecessarily overspend on power, cooling and space.

Run effectively your mission critical requirements

alongside modern, data intensive workloads, such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Oracle, SAP Hanna, cognitive computing.

as part of a multi-cloud strategie. Build a cloud any way you want.

Establish a secure and reliable private cloud

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